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why barbell training?

Strength is a skill, and with any skill, you must put in the time to become better. Strength training should be considered practice — more importantly, a skillful practice.
— StrongFirst
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Did you know barbell is the most effective and efficient tool for building muscle, while allowing you to make outstanding strength gains? Pair your barbell training with kettlebell training and you've got a winning combo guaranteed to get you stronger and take you to a whole new level of physical transformation – hitting your fitness goals.

There are only four Certified StrongFirst Barbell Instructors in the Twin Cities Metro area – Coach Ericka is one of them. Adhering to the education and principles of the StrongFirst Lifter (SFL) curriculum, EDK Barbell classes follow a high standard of strength and skill. You will learn how to effectively and safely execute barbell lifts (like a Boss) with in-depth instruction and an individualized coaching approach.

Quality over quantity in every class – never compromising technique and always prioritizing the importance of a high-caliber program. A dedicated strength training routine empowers your commitment to keep your goals in check and exceed them. Let's get you to the bar – EDK has just the class for you.*

barbell Classes

Scheduled Classes: EDK's Barbell classes are suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced students, practicing traditional barbell lifts – further enhanced with the understanding and training of foundation kettlebell skills.* All classes include instruction, practice and refinement on safe barbell technique and complimentary drills. Classes start with a combination of joint mobility, dynamic movement sequences and warm-up. Expect an SGT (Small Group Training) setting, exploring different lifts, increasing weights + reps – while combining basic kettlebell skills to enhance technique on the bar.

*Classes are limited to DROP-IN and EDK Crew Membership only. This is a results driven class with an ongoing dedication to a weekly program. Try it and commit to it!

Book your classes on the EDK SCHEDULE page or on the MINDBODY app. Ready to lift heavy?


Barbell EDKTraining

iron intensity – Barbell
wednesday nights

Get into a weekly habit of lifting and challenging your strength!
Students practice traditional barbell lifts and kettlebell skills in a circuit training setting with necessary and ample time for rest between sets. Each class focuses on specific lifts through learning and practice. We work as a team, but train individually – providing students with a semi-private coaching experience that is unique to EDK and ensures all students are benefiting according to their abilities.*

Class Includes: 10min Joint Mobility & Dynamic Warm-up / 45min Intensive Learning & Workout / 5min Cool-down & Stretch

*Classes are limited to DROP-IN and EDK Crew Membership only. This is a results driven class with an ongoing dedication to a weekly program. Try it and commit to it!

Iron Intensity – Barbell is held at Balance Fitness Studio in Uptown
2 blocks from the EDK Studio
2902 Garfield Avenue – Minneapolis
Free parking behind the building



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