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Since the age of fourteen, I knew I wanted to become a Physical Therapist…

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What I didn't know was that my love for taking care of those who are injured or sick, would turn into a passion of working towards preventing injuries and diseases in these individuals instead.
During my undergraduate studies, I had the unique opportunity to fly across "The Pond,” spending time in London and Ireland for a travel study program. Through this process, I studied different healthcare systems throughout the world. What came of this was my passion for preventative medicine.

I have found that many individuals struggle with balancing their health and all other aspects of life. Many will choose family, work, etc., over their own health. One shouldn't have to choose one or the other, but should be able to find ways to incorporate good habits into their daily routine. This will allow them to be the healthiest they can be, while also taking care of the other important areas in their life. 
In the world today, we have a growing obesity and musculoskeletal disorder epidemic. As a society, we need to take a proactive approach to these problems, so we can defend against these issues. I believe in training programs that are convenient (not time consuming) and intelligent programming – so you can get in, get out and receive all the benefits you need from exercising. 

I currently work full-time as a Physical Therapist at Orthology here in the Twin Cities area. When it comes to taking care of injured individuals, my passion is working with lower back issues. I am also a Certified Athletic Trainer and StrongFirst Level One Kettlebell Instructor, and I look forward to utilizing my skills, instructing classes for EDK.

Check out my new Protective | Effective | Strength class on Wednesday mornings at 715am.

Let’s be proactive about your health – not reactive! Build your OWN Defense!
– Jeff


Strongfirst Level 1 Certified Kettlebell instructor • SFGI
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WEDNESDAY • Protective | Effective | Strength • 715am
SATURDAY • Kettlebell X–Press • 945am (sub)


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