Kettlebell Coaching & Personal Training

WHY kettlebell Training?

Kettlebell training is ideal for people who seek both cardio and strength conditioning while improving endurance, flexibility, mobility and postural awareness.

Kettlebells are simplistic training tools. They're readily usable in the palm of your hand virtually anywhere and optimal for individuals who don’t want to spend hours at the gym. Dial in your kettlebell training program and save yourself time.

Consistent kettlebell practice enhances athleticism, adding power to your existing training program or by energetically expanding your fitness goals. Tap into your potential for serious strength.

You probably see kettlebells at the gym all the time – maybe collecting dust or being used improperly. Do you want to learn how to use them safely and correctly like a Bell Boss? You've come to the right place...

kettlebell Classes

Scheduled Classes: EDK's SGT (Small Group Training) classes are suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced students, practicing traditional kettlebell skills.  All classes include instruction, practice and refinement on safe technique and drills. Classes start with a combination of joint mobility, dynamic movement sequences and warm-up. Workouts provide 20–25 minutes of solid cardio + strength training, finishing with a cool-down and stretch – an awesome blend every class and you can always expect something different. Learn more about class and program descriptions below.

Book your classes on the EDK SCHEDULE page or on the MINDBODY app. Ready to get your KB swing on?


Kettlebell SGT 101

We all gotta start somewhere...right?
The Kettlebell SGT 101 class is the ideal place to start your KB journey OR keep the journey going by refining the basics.

Classes are designed to focus on kettlebell foundation skills with a high level of technique and proper movement instruction. Learn how to safely and effectively perform basic kettlebell exercises that will set you on the path for advanced KB programs. This class is awesome for beginners and a fan-freaking-tastic opportunity for current students to polish their skills.
All fitness levels welcome and encouraged.

Class Includes: 10min Joint Mobility & Dynamic Warm-up / 30min Intensive Learning & Workout / 5min Cool-down & Stretch




Technique Tuesdays y'all! KB SGT classes will provide you with the broadest range of advanced kettlebell skills and variations of swings, squats, Turkish Getups, snatches – you name it. SGT sessions run monthly at two times per week (evening/morning) – a fantastic way to squeak in your training and maximize your strength through learning a variety of warmup drills, tension exercises and cardio/strength skills. SGT encourages a "work at your own pace" environment with ample coaching, Q&A, technique refinement...and of course, plenty of wit and grit. SGT classes are casual, fun and beneficial for ALL students at any fitness or experience level. We keep it cool and casual, but definitely know how to work up a sweat and feel accomplished after every session. Class drop-ins always welcome. Open to all skill levels.


Kettlebell x-press – mornings

At EDK, we don't need an hour to get the work done and feel awesome... Especially in the morning!
Introducing a better method for training – KB SGT EXPRESS offers a variety of skills in an efficient, solid structure that allows you to work at your own pace, get it done and get on with your day.
DOORS OPEN 615AM – Students warm-up, foam roll, stretch and prep for the workout
DOORS LOCK 630AM – Skills demo and structured workout begins. You will be coached through mobility drills and hammer out your KB training at an individual pace. You WILL sweat and be challenged.

Plenty of kettlebells for everyone. Ample FREE parking on Lake/Lyndale and Aldrich Ave before 8am.



New Student – $15 Drop-In
Small group training

New to EDK and/or KB? Want to give it a go?
EDK has your back with a $15 CLASS and you can take advantage of any Monday, Tuesday or Thursday class offering at the EDK Studio. You will be coached through the basics – opening the door to learning about the world of strength training...and you'll be hooked.
Swing on in for a kettlebell crash course on the cheap. What do you have to lose? Try it out and if you buy a class pack after your first sesh, EDK will take that fifteen bucks off your package price – sweet deal.

Unlimited Monthly classes – HELL YES!

What does being an EDK Crew Member get you (in addition to being awesome)?

  • Unlimited KETTLEBELL & BARBELL classes each month

  • TWO Workout Buddy Passes each month (New Students only)

  • Monthly auto-payment schedule

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  • EDK Crew Member "No-Sweat Socials" – we wear non-fitness clothes and do non-fitness stuff at fun non-fitness places.

$30 off your first month of membership!

Activate your EDK Membership for only $169!
6 Class options per week


$199 (after first month)
contract + monthly auto-payment

Kettlebell Class packs
buy a class pack (or a single) and attend any EDK KB class

4 class pack • 2 WEEK EXPIRATION

8 class pack • 3 month expiration

$30 drop-in
any KB class • 1 month expiration


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