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ONLINE + remote & IN-STUDIO training with Coach Ericka

Every session is one of challenge and growth in a positive way. I can feel my strength improving; even in a relatively short time frame.
— Stephanie B.

The best thing about private coaching? It's all about YOU.

Your time is valuable, so is your training.
More than just classes, Coach Ericka offers private coaching sessions, providing you the beneficial value of a customized training program designed to help you reach your personal fitness goals and exceed them.

Where to start? Let's discuss over a FREE phone consultation – no pressure, just convo. During your consultation, we will dial in your objectives and get you started on a positive, progressive path. Private coaching will lock in your strength training skills and technique, arming you with functional tools to improve your body awareness and movement in your daily activities and other fitness modalities. Individual training sessions cover essential mobility and stability drills, in addition to corrective exercise strategies appropriate to your abilities.

You are guaranteed a great workout, plus the added perks of one-on-one learning specific to your individual needs. Coach Ericka offers plenty of valuable and convenient options to fit your schedule and budget – worth your time and investment every single session. Click below and let’s get you going today!



  • FASTER and BETTER results.

  • Accountability PLUS encouraging guidance. Someone to light your fitness fire!


  • Muscle and movement EDUCATION. Do you know what you’re using, how you’re using it and WHY?

  • GUARANTEED reinforcement of YOUR SET GOALS with a COMMITTED and CONSISTENT training plan.


Coaching specializations

  • Strength + Endurance Training – Marathoners + Triathletes + Runners of all levels

  • Senior Strength Training

  • Prenatal & Postnatal Strength Training

  • Post–surgery and/or Injury Recovery Strength Training

  • Kettlebell + Barbell + Bodyweight Resistance Training

  • Mobility + Stability + Release Strategies



As a two time Kona Ironman qualifier I have ambitious athletic goals and as a physician I am very discerning in my choice of trainers. Ericka came highly recommended, and my first hand observations of her working with clients confirmed to me that we would make a good fit. I have not been disappointed. She comes prepared to each of our sessions with a carefully crafted menu of exercises to work through, each building upon the previous within that day's workout, and building in a more holistic fashion from week to week. The progression is well thought out and designed to target my weaknesses while improving not just my strength, but also my flexibility and posture, all while avoiding injury. I highly appreciate her attention to detail in getting me to execute each move in a technically precise fashion, and her demonstrations of the movements leave me with a profound respect for the degree to which she has honed her craft. Working with Ericka has made me a stronger and more resilient athlete and under her tutelage and support I am left with a sense that my best is yet to come. What more can you ask for? – Jeff W.

make yourself a priority…

Ericka is an excellent coach. She is passionate about teaching you the correct technique but also strengthening your ability to believe in what you can accomplish with the right mindset. Training with Ericka helps me approach things I thought I couldn’t do before from not only a strength perspective but a confidence perspective. Not a day goes by that I’m not grateful for her training and it’s carryover into my every day life.
— Marissa B.


$50 PER REMOTE (VIDEO) Session

Who is ONLINE or REMOTE COACHING ideal for? YOU.

  • Do you require convenient access to your fitness and coaching routine, plus the accountability support?

  • Do you have an at–home gym or access to strength equipment at your home, office or other fitness facility?

  • Do you currently have a gym and/or fitness membership and need a CUSTOMIZED SET PLAN when you walk in the door?

  • Do you travel frequently for work or pleasure and want to keep your training in the mix?

  • Do you you need flexibility during the day without the traffic and hustle to the EDK Studio?

  • Do you have a mobile device or laptop computer for remote video conferencing?

  • Do you desire the training attention and programming that is MOST convenient and BEST for YOU?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, contact Coach Ericka to discuss ONLINE or REMOTE Private Coaching. She will provide suitable recommendations on weights and brands for at–home equipment (if necessary for purchase) and develop a customized program tailored appropriately for your skill level. Expect thorough coaching no different than if you were in the EDK Studio!



Ericka's focus on coaching proper form for each kettlebell exercise coupled with her passion and commitment to help others succeed is exactly what I needed. Private sessions have been invaluable for me. I previously suffered a sports-related injury that over time – due to my body compensating for the injury – lead to other injuries. Ericka's training sessions have not only helped me get stronger, but her attention to technique and corrective strategies eliminated the ways I had been compensating. I have truly enjoyed training with Ericka and I have never felt better as a result of it! – Deb N.


NOw is the time – you will thank yourself later.


2 sessions per week
$400 per month – monthly auto-payment

Two dedicated days/times per week – designated just for you!

Functional Movement Assessment (FMS)
Goal Strategies & Customized Program
Kettlebell and/or Barbell Foundation Skills + Technique
Corrective & Refinement Workouts
Nutrition Guidance and Planning
Practice Plan & Movement Improvement Strategies (between sessions)
50 MINUTE Sessions
3 Month Commitment Agreement

10 session Private Pack

Best package in combination with EDK classes
Functional Movement Assessment (FMS)
Goal Strategies & Customized Program
Kettlebell and/or Barbell Foundation Skills + Technique
Corrective & Refinement Training
50 MINUTE Sessions
3 month expiration

5 Session Private Pack

Best package for learning and/or advanced technique
Kettlebell and/or Barbell Skills
Corrective & Refinement Training
50 MINUTE Sessions
5 Month Expiration

single Private Session

Basic Assessment
Specific Kettlebell or Barbell Skills + Technique
Corrective & Refinement Workout
1 HOUR Session
1 Month Expiration

semi-private Training

Buddy up!
$60 (each) for TWO
$50 (each) for THREE

45 Minute Sessions • Includes Kettlebell and/or Barbell Coaching


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