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Every session is one of challenge and growth in a positive way. I can feel my strength improving; even in a relatively short time frame.
— Stephanie B.

The best thing about private coaching? That's right... It's all about you.

Your time is valuable, so is your training.
More than just classes, EDK offers private coaching sessions on a flexible schedule, providing you the beneficial value of a customized training program designed to help you reach your personal fitness goals and exceed them.

Where to start? Let's discuss over a FREE consultation – no pressure, just convo. During your consultation, we will dial in your objectives and get you started on a positive, progressive path. Private coaching will not only lock in your strength training skills and technique, but you will be armed with functional tools to improve your body awareness and movement in your daily activities and other fitness modalities. Individual training sessions cover essential mobility and stability drills, in addition to corrective exercise strategies appropriate to your abilities.

You are guaranteed a great workout, plus the added perks of one-on-one learning specific to your individual needs – worth your time and investment every single session.
With a variety of days, times and training packages available to you, there are plenty of valuable and convenient options to fit your schedule and budget.


Schedule training via FaceTime or other video conferencing. Convenience without having to leave your home, plus the workout benefits. EDK will provide suitable recommendations on weights and brands for at-home equipment.

Payment plans available for private coaching packages. CONTACT EDK FOR DETAILS.


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Ericka's focus on coaching proper form for each kettlebell exercise coupled with her passion and commitment to help others succeed is exactly what I needed. Private sessions have been invaluable for me. I previously suffered a sports-related injury that over time – due to my body compensating for the injury – lead to other injuries. Ericka's training sessions have not only helped me get stronger, but her attention to technique and corrective strategies eliminated the ways I had been compensating. I have truly enjoyed training with Ericka and I have never felt better as a result of it! – Deb N.


NOw is the time to make yourself a priority – you will thank yourself later.

15 Session Private Pack

Best package for optimal results
Functional Movement Assessment (FMS)
Goal Strategies & Customized Program
Kettlebell + Barbell Foundation Skills + Technique
Corrective & Refinement Workouts
Practice Plan (between sessions)
50 MINUTE Sessions – 3 month expiration

10 session Private Pack

Best package in combination with EDK classes
Functional Movement Assessment (FMS)
Goal Strategies & Customized Program
Kettlebell + Barbell Foundation Skills + Technique
Corrective & Refinement Workouts
50 MINUTE Sessions – 2 month expiration

5 Session Private Pack

Best package for learning and/or advanced technique
Kettlebell + Barbell Skills
Corrective & Refinement Workouts
50 MINUTE Sessions – 5 week expiration

single Private Session

Basic Assessment
Specific Kettlebell or Barbell Skills + Technique
Corrective & Refinement Workout
1 HOUR Session – 12 month expiration

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semi-private Training

Buddy up! Split your 15 or 10 session training package with another person. Workout together or take advantage of individual sessions separately. Not applicable on 5 session packages. Grab a pal and get on it!


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