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I’m Ericka, kettlebell and barbell instructor, strength coach, fitness lover and owner of EDK Training in Minneapolis, MN.
How did I get hooked on kettlebell training and why does EDK exist?
Ten years ago, I tried my first kettlebell class and I had no clue what I signed up for! I was at a point in my life where I needed a change and I wasn't quite sure what would keep me consistent (we've all been there, right?). Bring in the bells... I had never experienced a class environment so challenging, inviting and encouraging. I was completely sold on kettlebell training after only a couple classes and it changed my life. From corporate desk job to strength coach, I switched career-gears entirely and began instructing classes and training private clients after four years. I was already passionate about my own training, but I also developed a strong passion for coaching. I wanted to help others embrace the inspiring and rewarding transformation for themselves. Kettlebell training and coaching has lead me to more educational opportunities and further self-development, certifications, involvement in fantastic communities with individuals who give back (and love sharing their knowledge) and the creation of EDK Training.

I have trained and assisted under the most knowledgeable kettlebell, barbell, bodyweight and movement gurus and I continually follow the guidance of my mentors, thankful for their wisdom. I draw upon my own training experiences to bring a refreshing sense of reality to my students; the focus is on your safety and fitness objectives. I watch, analyze and correct. As your coach, I am hands-on – helping you reach goals you may not have thought you could reach and celebrating with you as you continue to progress. Over the years, I have developed a niche coaching structure and my progression-based instruction style is the reason why EDK Training came to be. At the EDK studio, we are a strong, supportive crew and the vibe always brings me back to those days when I first started my strength training journey.

My coaching experience is vast, having trained a wide variety of fitness populations over the years. From Iron Man and Ultra Marathon athletes to beginner students of strength seeking movement improvement and a happy, healthy lifestyle… I welcome and encourage all ages, skill levels and positive attitudes! Whether you’re in need of advanced coaching with customized programing and focused training to reach specific goals, or you’re dipping your toes in the strength training waters (and need a little push!), I’m happy to get you going in the right direction.


Assisting StrongFirst Master Fabio Zonin  Photo Courtesy of Extreme Training, LLC.

Assisting StrongFirst Master Fabio Zonin
Photo Courtesy of Extreme Training, LLC.

  • Certified strength coach with 10 years training experience

  • StrongFirst Level 1 & 2 Kettlebell (SFGI & SFGII) certified instructor – VIEW INSTRUCTOR PROFILE

  • StrongFirst Barbell (SFL) certified instructor – VIEW INSTRUCTOR PROFILE

  • StrongFirst Bodyweight (SFB) (16hr Instruction + Training Attendee)

  • StrongFirst • Strong Endurance™ Seminar with Pavel Tsatsouline (13hr Instruction Attendee)

  • Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC) certified instructor – VIEW INSTRUCTOR PROFILE

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer (NASM-CPT)

  • Functional Movement Specialist (FMSC) – VIEW SPECIALIST PROFILE

  • Assistant SFG Level I & II Certification Instructor

  • Assistant SFL Certification Instructor

  • Assistant RKC Level I Certification Instructor



Kettlebell Minneapolis
  • Individualized strength coaching and personal training


  • Class and small group training instruction

  • Strength Training Specializations

  • Off-site Functional Movement corporate and employee training

  • Slow progression and modified instruction

  • Coaching through physical limitations and muscular imbalances

  • Injury recovery assistance

  • Functional movement assessments

  • Deliver a realistic approach to fitness objectives for
    long-term, sustainable wellness

  • Provide motivational guidance – enhancing the ability to succeed!

When I’m not coaching, training or continuing my education (always a student), I spend my time designing and marketing – primarily EDK emails and social media promotions! You will likely spot me around the lakes in Minneapolis, practicing yoga, at a live music venue or nerding out with my laptop at a local coffee shop or craft brewery!

Join the EDK Crew! I look forward to meeting and connecting with you.


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TUESDAY • Kettlebell X–Press • 615am
SATURDAY • Kettlebell X–Press • 945am (rotating instructors)

currently accepting Online + remote & IN–Studio individual students

Please visit the Private Coaching page for more details on personal training and individual coaching sessions. I am currently accepting ONLINE + REMOTE & IN-STUDIO clients. If you are interested in Private Coaching, please contact me for availability and options. I’d love to hear from you!

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