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$10 Saturday Kettlebell Express Drop-In


Saturday Sweat on the cheap (and on the fly) with a 30min Kettlebell Express Class at the EDK Studio. Roll on in for joint mobility and warm-up, then get your KB action going for a solid 20min workout that will keep you feeling accomplished and amazing all day!

That’s how we like to do things around here… We don’t need an hour or more to do it. See for yourself how training in under 30mins provides EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE results.

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Sign up for an Unlimited Monthly Class Membership and refer a Workout Buddy – if your WB signs up, you BOTH receive $50 OFF your next month of Membership. 90-day agreement required…commit to the program, commit to results!

FIRST MONTH MEMBERSHIP RATE ONLY $95! EDK offers 35+ class options per month. Attend 2x per week and pay less than $12 – the more you attend, the more you save! AND…the more friends you refer, the more months you receive $50 OFF!

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EDK is excited to have dedicated Student of Strength, Amber Shamblott join the team – not only as a student, but as an Assistant Instructor! Amber will be instructing the KB SGT 101 class Thursday nights, in addition to KB Xpress. Read more about her and check out her classes!

I’m Amber and I have been a dedicated student of EDK Training for over two years. I want to bring my drive and passion for learning into my role as an EDK Assistant Instructor, while I continue to practice, train and grow from the experience.

The confidence, tenacity and strength I've gained from the exceptional training and support from Coach Ericka and the EDK Crew helps me feel ready for this opportunity, as I prepare for my StrongFirst Kettlebell certification.

I see myself in every student that walks in the door and I invite you to read more about how I started and my journey on the EDK Kudos page HERE.

My goal is to help students feel welcome, confident and strong and I hope my story will inspire people to start training… Why not start with a strong and supportive Bell Boss community? I believe in what EDK Training represents and I’m grateful to be given this opportunity to help others find their strength and determination. There are some amazing things that come out of the EDK Studio and I am excited to be a part of it as a continued student and instructor. I look forward to an even stronger future!




Ericka is an excellent coach. She is passionate about teaching you the correct technique, but also strengthening your ability to believe in what you can accomplish with the right mindset. Training with Ericka helps me approach things I thought I couldn't do before – from not only a strength perspective, but a confidence perspective. Not a day goes by that I'm not grateful for her training and its carryover into my every day life.

Marissa B.
(EDK Bell Boss for TWO YEARS in February!)


What is Strongfirst?

We are more than an organization. We are a brother–and sisterhood of iron. We are more than personal trainers. We are a global community of strength professionals brought together by a common cause and held together by our belief that strength has a greater purpose.
— StrongFirst

If you’ve visited the Coach Ericka page HERE or checked out the EDK Training class option pages HERE (or read the info from students Amber and Jake above!) then you’ve likely come across several references to StrongFirst – The School of Strength.
StrongFirst is a globally recognized education and certification organization specializing in three strict, traditional and effective modalities of strength – Kettlebell, Barbell and Bodyweight – offering numerous courses and seminars around the world for students and instructors.
The training to become a StrongFirst Certified Instructor requires dedication, commitment and demanding effort. If you see SFG, SFL or SFB linked to an instructor name in your search for excellence and quality training, know you are in good hands with a StrongFirst certified instructor.

Strongfirst certification coaching

Do YOU want to become a StrongFirst Certified Instructor? Coach Ericka designs programs specifically tailored toward the requirements to achieve this honor. StrongFirst certification standards are high, demanding and challenging. It is strongly encouraged and recommended you seek out a StrongFirst Certified Instructor to help you meet the expectations to succeed! Coach Ericka loves working with new students and StrongFirst Instructor candidates – assisting certifications with StrongFirst Leadership and providing individualized programs for students on the path to earning their SFGI, SFGII and SFL certifications. Let’s chat and get you going!

Interested in reading more about StrongFirst certifications, workshops, seminars, podcasts, training articles and certified instructors? Click the link to check out Coach Ericka’s StrongFirst instructor profile and search the StrongFirst website for more information.


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